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Journalist Teymoor Nabili makes us sound good and smart

October 4, 2019

Hosts Bill Poorman (the American) and Nikolaj Groeneweg (the Dutchman) are joined in studio by veteran journalist and media consultant Teymoor Nabili for this week's romp through the news. Nabili has worked for Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN, and Channel News Asia, among other news outlets, and covered some of the biggest events of the last 25 years. In this week's show:

  • It's totally okay now for foreign governments to meddle in US elections. (We're fans of foreign influence here.)
  • Boris gets bounced again on Brexit - this time by the EU.
  • The violence in Hong Kong goes from bad to worse, and where is it all headed?
  • Saudi Arabia is America's best friend - because they pay it to be.

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